Bags, Crowns & Wine...Oh My!

Bags, Crowns & Wine...Oh My!

When: Friday, May 9, 6:00PM - Until?

Friends & Family - I hope you will come out for some pre-Mother's day shopping & fellowship. We will have some awesome handbags, crowns & maybe a little jewelry for your shopping pleasure

But guess what! Don't even sweat it if you don't want to buy anything. SERIOUSLY!!!

JUST COME and meet other fabulous people, have some food & a drink or two. Just come and have a great time.I look forward to seeing you all & meeting some new friends.

P.S. This is NOT a women only thing. Bring your man/SO (especially if he has a checkbook)

If you would like to come and did not get your evite, drop me a note @ salesdiva@bww.com and I'll get you added.