I have watched this maddening show for the past 4 seasons. I haven't missed an episode....AND IT IS DRIVING ME MAD...yet I can't stop.

There is one thing about this show that I am absolutely certain of...There would not been any seasons past maybe 2 if it had been up to me cause I would have not hesitated to kill that baztard Ben. I wouldn't have hesitated NOT ONCE. The Lost People have been taken his ish for WAY too long for me. I woulda taken out as many of those crazy azz Others so long ago. Let me tell ya, I don't give a ratz azz about the secrets of the island - I figure that I'll be there long enough that I can figure that damn ish out - kinda like in the game MYST (if you've ever played that computer game). No need for them Others. All the lies, manipulation and killing - HEEEEELLLLLL. I'm justified in takin' Ben and some of dem Others out. AND tonights episode....UGGGAAAAAHH. Will somebody finally just shoot that sucker in the head and be done with it. "You need me to see Jacob and find out what we should do" WHO DA HELL is Jacob and WHY DO WE CARE. Let me tell ya... if there was a couple of black people running ish with my boy Syed & Sawyer handlin they biznezz- THE SHOW WOULD BE OVER!!! Didn't anyone tell Jack and the rest of his posse that CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT. JEEEZE.

Despite the fact that I am always jumping up and down, pacing in front of the TV, yelling - "kill the sucker, PLEASE" and getting myself all worked up over a freakin TV show, I'll be right back next week for a new episode. Obviously, I need to get a hobby.

P.S. WHY, OH WHY if you have been stuck on a island with minimal food (eating fish, coconuts and fruit all day long), running back and forth from the jungle to the beach every 5 minutes are you still 300 freakin' pounds? WHY? It just can't be. I mean, like, for real now. What is that story?


  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    I sooo feel ya. That show drives me crazy yet I am always sitting in front of the T.V. watching it.


  2. Love it! I, too, don't understand why Ben is still alive--makes the "lost" ones seem like idjits for not having gotten rid of him by now. And when they do these flashes to the future, I'm just like, wait . . . don't tell me no one ever killed that sucka! LOL

  3. I didn't know you were a LOST junkie???????

    They needed to leave Ben alone with Sayid when they first captured him. He would have ended that REAL QUICK.

    I to am hooked. So Christian Shepherd is alive and time travelling from the island back and forth???