Passive Aggressive People

Passive Aggressive People. I absolutely loath them. I suffer their predilections (to smile in your face all the while undermining your very existence) POORLY! They are the very people who don't have the balls or internal fortitude to say to your face what they think or want to say. If they have a problem with you, instead of trying to have a civilized conversation with you about it, they tell your boss/another mutual "friend"/family member about your alleged "heinous" behavior and try to convince/coerce that person into taking action against you.

Usually you hear about the PA person's ignant, weak , gutless azz accusations from the party they snitched to. At that point, I just want to run up to the offender and OPEN PALM SLAP the shyat outta em.

Listen here you weak azz, pathetic, passive aggressive beyatches! STOP THE BYATCHAZZNEZZ!!!!! If you gotta problem with me, then call me up, meet me for coffee - WHATEVER and let's discuss it. DAMN. We are grown freakin women. ACT LIKE IT. PUNK AZZ.

The only way anyone would know that I was speaking about you would be if you said something about it. WHICH YOUR PUNK CRY BABY AZZ DID! All that snitchen did was show that you actually DID do the ignant azz behavior that I wrote about. If you had said NOTHING, then NOBODY - not even the person you told on me to - would have know that you had been schooled. STOOOPIT.

So, what your problem is - is that I wrote about your stoopit behavior, not that you refused to comply with what was requested, not that you actually acted like an azz. IDJIT.

WHAT THE F EVER. GET A PAIR. If you want me to apologize for something I talked about here then make DAMN sure that you didn't actually do the stoopit ish that I discussed. Otherwise, what I said about it stands. It is what it is. You are what you are.

UGAAAAAAH! I hate passive aggressive people.


  1. (tipping out of the blog with my usher finger up)

  2. Well, dayum! Don't mince words. Tell us how you really feel!

  3. **Atta girl!**

  4. Anonymous4:46 PM

    With your aggressive language and attitude, it's no wonder people are passive-aggressive with you. Not blaming you for someone else's annoying behavior, but have you ever considered how your aggressiveness impacts the situation?