Personal IT Department - Part 3

M.y.Spa.ce is the DEBIL, Bobby Boucher (pronounce Boo-SHAY)! That is all I got to say. So my neice comes over for the weekend and drops her laptop (that we gave her) on the table and announces that she has got some serious problems with her computer - there are all these pop up and spyware stuff on it. Oh REALLY, I say. She proceed to also inform me that it was the Spyware Blocker software that I loaded on the computer that is causing the problem.

DA HELL YOU SAY! I (not being on my meds at the moment) SNAPPED and read her the riot act. As the resident, in house, technical support team - there AINT NUTTIN that I put on her computer that has caused the serious melt down her computer was having. Well, after running her laptop and my laptop side by side, doing research on what all these pop up were, where they came from and how to get rid of them - THEY ALL CAME FROM THAT DEBIL M.y.Spa.ce. I hate that site like I hate gettin stung by a wasp. That ish pisses me off and hurts like hell.

And if you need some documentation, background info...here it is from Business Week:
Social-networking sites a 'hotbed' for spyware
Youths on M.yS.pa.ce and similar sites aren't cautious about surfing the Web

Let's just say I've been working on her computer since 6pm last night. I haved used Spy.b.ot, Ad.A.wa.re, updated her virus protection software, edited what I could find/what was obvious in her registry, tried to stop some services in her configuration and STILL this sucker persists. I have cleaned up over 250 files/registry entries & programs since last night.

It has hijacked her desktop with some insidious message in the background AND disabled her task manager so I can't even stop the malicious program from running in the background. It is now 8:30am in the morning and I'm on my last attempt at resolution before I have to send the computer out. I'm SO MAD I COULD YOU COULD FRY AN EGG ON MY HEAD! UGGGAAAAAAAAH!!!!! After narrowing down the search to which program the sucker was, I have found a program (that you can download for free) called Ma.lwa.re.bytes An.ti/Ma.lwa-re. It has been running for the past hour and it has found (so far) 30 more infected files.

My children and the rest of the kids that I finance are now BANNED from the Debil - da M.y&&###!**Space. Hell to the Naw. And if you think you are gonna do it anyway, well guess what...DON'T COME CRYING TO ME WHEN YOU PUTER IS F'D UP AGAIN. Buy yourself a new one with you OWN money OR fix it your dang self.

Hmmmph! Idjits. I'm going to Yoga and get my Chi back....as Whitley used to say..."Relax, Relate, Release."

....that program just found 4 more infected files. 'Sigh'


  1. Hang in there.

    It's one of the reasons we are designing web communities with security. People are laughing and saying "why would I pay a couple of bucks a month to be a member of your community when I can join M.Y SP.ac.e for free?" Answer: Read Lisa's blog! Every a#$hole looking to exploit the massive structure of the aforementtioned sh#%hole is allowed to do as they please with abandon. The future is security, commonality, online-to-offline communiteering, and a little, good old peace of mind.

    Hang in there...

  2. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I used the Ma.lwa.re.bytes An.ti/Ma.lwa-re and it found 2 things.

    Thanks for the info.