Italy 2008

My girlfriend from the ATL asked me if I would join her in Europe for a little excursion in Italy. She is going to be in Turkey for a work related thing and decided that if she was going to be over that way, she should visit somewhere else to. She didn't want to hang by herself - SOOOOOO, who do you call when you want to travel with flair & fun: THE TRAVEL DIVA! Who else.

So we are off to Italy in June. We are going to Rome first with a side trip to either Venice, Florence or Palermo. Final details have not been ironed out yet but since I have my non-stop flight to Rome booked and reservations at the W.es.tin Ex.cels.ior Rome (I LOVE THAT HOTEL) taken care of, I guess we gotta go.

I took my mother to Italy in 2005 for her 60th birthday. We had a blast. This was before I even thought about blogging but was really doing it anyway. I emailed (yes, I had my computer with me - I don't go nowhere without it) a daily report of our adventures to my friends & family list. I kept those emails and put it together in an newsletter for my scrapbook (yeah, I do that too - gotta have memories). If you would like to read about me and mi madres adventures - click here

I also put together a video slide show of our adventure. If you want to see some beautiful pictures, watch the video at this link -

I think you will enjoy it.


  1. Oh!!! It's a good thing I love you or I would hate you! I'm soooo jealous!!!! Sigh.

  2. Please send help....I obviously "know not what I have done"! I suppose as long as there is wine I'M GOOOOOD!