Matron of Honor Duties - Rehersal & Dinner

The rehearsal went off without a hitch and we had a great dinner at O.liv.es across the street from the St. Re.gi.s. The food was fantastic. After dinner, we decided to go back to the hotel and hang out in the lobby bar. In the interest of maximizing our (Val's Dad's money actually) money, we decided to gather up all of the open bottles of wine and take them back to the hotel with us. Good thing I had my Bride Crisis Management Bag with me to squirrel our loot away in. We think the waiter was padding the bill, cause there were a lot of bottles open - why not just finish a bottle before opening 4 more. Interesting. No matter - they went to great use.

We thought for a moment that we were busted cause outside were police and an ambulance. Not for us thought. We scurry across the street back to the St. Re.gis with the loot and take over a good half of the lobby. I asked the waiter to bring us some glasses for the wine and he says that he is going to have to charge us $35/bottle for a corkage fee. Obviously he needed his meds adjusted cause there ain't NO WAY IN HELL I was gonna pay that for what was already opened. We didn't need it uncorked, we just needed glasses. I told him to get the manager and he looked miserable but when to get him. As we were gathering a pretty nice crowd and getting loud, we decided to take the party up to Val's suite. The waiter comes back all sad boo boo kitty like and says the manager will be right out. I told him "Never mind, we are going up to the suite." He immediately perks up grabs the tray of glasses and the snacks he brought out and helped us to the elevator. He was so relieved that we were leaving his lobby all nice and peaceful and I wasn't going to get into it with the manager.

Up in Val's suite we just hung out, drank all the wine up, ate all of her food that had be delivered to her room and had a good time. I did have to almost beat down a few people to get them out of the bedroom portion of her room (where her dress was being kept). Some busybodies were just very busy and needed to get a little snatched.

Anyway, we hung out until about 1am and then had to go nite nite. The Big Day was upon us.