Weekend With Friends

Our Friends, the Pollhein's, came down for the weekend to attend a family event on today. We spent all day Saturday just hanging out and relaxing. Actually, Terri and I relaxed while we watched the men folk try out/demo a new product that Joe is consulting on (and has the exclusive rights to market on the East Coast) - Mongoose Wax. All I can say is that the men looked great while waxing the car and it was even better when we finally convinced Joe (Ron was being whiny cause he was doing manual labor) to take off his shirt while working. He needs some sun BAAAAADDD.

Terri and I started the day by going to a Bikram Yoga Class (aka - Hot Yoga). It was so hard for me to stay focused while watching Terri's face the whole time. I just had to stop watching. Terri constantly had this look of "WTF, these heffa's are CRAZY, how da hell am I supposed to do that." The instructor even asked her if she was okay cause her face was all sqwinched up and Terri said that "It's just the wheeble effect. I'm round and wheebles wobble." She had us dying up in there. We finished the class and went back to the house. Ron and Joe were getting ready to being the wax on, wax off demo. You are supposed to be able to put this Mongoose wax on the car and not need to redo it for almost a year. Terri and I took up residence outside and watched the men folk wax the car. After a little heckling, Joe finally took his shirt off so we could have a better show. Ron was focused and pouting so he refused. He did (later that night) lift his shirt up to show us his 3 pack (at least he has a pack).

They finished Ron's Hummer and it looked FANTASTIC. I have never seen a shine/gleem on a car like that except for maybe when it first comes off the lot. Beautiful. Ron was sold. He did Erin's car and she rolled up this morning and was like "I can get this in a bunch of dealerships, this stuff is great. It has poured down rain and my car is still gleaming like new." I think we have a market for the stuff.

The Pollhein's went off to visit their relatives for a few hours while I prepared for an outdoor dinner & roastin marshmallows. We ordered some sushi and ate on the grass patio and then I built a fire in the outdoor fireplace and we made S'mores. Enclosed for your viewing pleasure is my instructional video on making S'mores....

We had a great day.


  1. Such a nice and much needed time bonding with me family and relaxing in the woods... It was such a beatiful day!

  2. Great weekend honey! You're right on the needing some sun...

  3. First of all, how come I didn't get to see Ron's 3 pack???

    It was such a nice weekend. Thanks for everything!
    Love you!