Chapter of the Year!

Oh Yeah BABY! The DC/Baltimore Chapter of the National Sales Network ROCKS!!!!!!! We dropped it like it was hot on Saturday Night at the NSN Conference Black & White Awards Dinner & Dance, taking home the highest award.....CHAPTER OF THE YEAR!
We said it, we claimed it, we TOOK IT. YEAH! In other words, we came and kicked some chapter butt! I was so excited, I thought my teeth were gonna pop outta my head from smiling so hard. There are 119 active (that means you paid your raggedy dues) members and we brought 112 to the conference. We got a lot more stats but I'm not gonna bore ya with em here. NUFF SAID. We WON the damn thing.

Chapter Picture (not entire group pictured) & (Some of the...) Executive Committee


After it was all said and done, we rocked the house with the DJ and I even tried to "drop it like it was hot" for a little while...had to take several rest breaks but I managed to not blow a stitch or drop one of those drains....And yes! I managed to find something to wear that didn't make those damn things showed up. Took me almost a freakin' week to plan a wardrobe for the conference where you couldn't see that I still had my drains in, but I thought FO SURE that Howard Hewitt was gonna squeeze em outta me the other night. I survived or rather "I was healed." It is amazing what you can do with a half a perc, a handsome husband, top honors, a hot gown and a slammin DJ. We partied hard.
Now you know I'm a gonna be haulin' that plaque to every function the chapter has for the next year and workin' our sponsors to renew their sponsorship for the chapter for 2008. A President HAS to use ALL of her assets. For those of you in sales...ABC...Always Be Closin'