The Disappearance of a Blogger

How does this happen? One day your spending an evening catching up on your favority bloggers and the next minute you find out that than one of your favorites just literally disappeared not only off the face of blogland, but off the face of the earth. WTF???!!!!

I went to get my dose of "Thoughts of an Angry Black MF" and there is some crazy blogg with a bunch of rediculous adds and a completely stupid post on "Enthusiasm." WTF. Where did the original blog go? How does someone completely disappear from the blogosphere? I couldn't even find any of his old blogs...not a one. The only way for me to find any old writings was to search my deleted files for his feedblitz emails...

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Why I'm Pissed Off This Week
1. If you gon sneak in my office cabinet and steal some Girl Scout cookies, close 'em the fukk back up. Now my shyt stale as a mf. Greedy, thievin' bytch!!

2. How come my cell phone loses service in certain parts of the building, but Al Qaeda can forward videos and text messages from caves and underground tunnels? What kinda service do THEY have?

3. If we both know I don't fukks with you, don't make small talk with me at the office. I hate a fake azz, smile in your face, but hate your mf guts, punk bytch. Don't say a mf thing to me. Shyt like that just makes me violent. Ask for what you need in an email.

4. MFs who try to convey a mood on their mf voicemail. They got Sadé or Mary J. from 95 playing. Or better yet, they got some ignorant azz message that tells you what they're dealing with: "If this is them haters, then i'm not here right now." So I leave a mf message: "Call me back, girl....lets re-evaluate your priorities." (What if I was a mf job?)

5. Ok...I saw a rat in the office last week. So, I inform the building manager....and this mf says to me, "Awww, no biggie." Really?! No biggie, bytch?! A mf rodent in the office is "no biggie?" Note to self: Never eat a mf THING he brings in to the office...'cuz what ELSE is "no biggie?" If a rodent can slide, so does a WHOLE lot of other shyt. "No biggie," though? Like he's at Wendys and they asked him if he wants to upgrade his shyt. This is a mf RAT. Be concerned, mf!! Now, it's 3 days later, and he's lookin' for it with a flashlight and a mf ladder...INSTEAD of calling an exterminator. WTF! What's he gonna do when he finds it? Pick it up? And whats the mf ladder for?

Now when I click on the link to his old site, I get some weird stuff. I've even clicked his link on other friends blog rolls. NOTHING. Anybody got the scoop?


  1. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Was removed by blog administrator....ask them.

  2. Geez Lisa...
    Maybe they went into some much needed angry management therapy....

  3. I agree with you, it is VERY disturbing. I had to remove it from my blogroll....if it was removed by the administrator, why is the blog name still active? Why is there text and blog links? And why hasn't he responded to people that link to him?

    I think we have our first mystery film about the blogosphere...

  4. Ok, I just heard about this blogger and boom, he's gone. Dang.