Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Today, we spent a lazy Sunday sitting in our front grassy courtyard at 5135 and it was one of the most enjoyable days we had doing absolutely nothing in a long time. I actually put a sweatshirt (my River Hill Hoodie - as Jordan calls it) over my PJ's and sat out in one of the rockers. The pictures just don't seem to do justice to all the work I had done since I spend so much time hiding my drains and trying to keep the swelling to a minimum. I swear I could have made a fortune for one of those reality shows if I had just taken pictures of all the drama that goes on in between plastic surgery work. It is a BEEYATCH. NUF SAID....
A friend of ours left a bunch of lawn furniture in our garage and Ron decided he wanted to put the H3 in the garage with 2 of the other cars so he moved the furniture outside into the courtyard. Took me a while to convince him that we couldn't leave this furniture outside permanently because it REALLY isn't outside/outside furniture. We decided just hang out in the courtyard for a while and watch Ron move the furniture around and vacuum the garage with the wet/dry vac. He seems to have a fetish for that thing.

I took pictures of my Cana's which turned out so nice this year. I absolutely love these plants. They are huge and just keep blooming and blooming.

Jordan spent time putting together his skate board...I thought they were like SOOO played, but then again my son does play lacrosse and now tries to do tricks on his skate board. Any minute now, he will be building his own personal ramp.

Even Cara had a great time riding around in her Dora Mobile and eating Doritos - one of her favorite snacks. Even my mom got in on the deal and we opened a bottle of wine and just enjoyed the sun going down.

All in all, it was a great lazy Sunday afternoon.


  1. Looks like a wonderful day! We went to Mass on Saturday so that we could be bums on Sunday. Joe made Buffalo Chicken wings we watched the officials in the Detroit/Minnesota game hand the game to the Lions and then somebody left the gate open and Sam disappeared along with our restful Sunday.
    $48 later I ransomed him from the SPCA. Stupid dog!!!!
    Looking good Lisa!

  2. Sounds like the kinda Sunday's that go on over here at 13700.