In Sickness & In Health

For those of us who have been married a long times, there are moments when you wonder "does my other-half really love me...or how much do they really love me?" You know...those random thoughts when you've been with someone a LONG time. Well, I can tell you that when you are part of the sick & shut in...THAT IS WHEN THE REAL TEST OF UNDYING LOVE...No matter what...shines through.

Here are some examples:
1. When you have the stomach flu and stuff is coming from both ends and you pass out right off the of the toilet....YOU KNOW THAT YOUR MAN LOVES YOU...when you wake up and ask him to wipe you up and put on something decent before the paramedics get up the stairs. My man cleaned me like a newborn baby, puts on a nightgown and brushes my hair before the paramedics get up into the bathroom. NOW THAT IS LOVE.

2. You get food poisoning on the way to the Caribbean. I take an airsick bag off the plane, just in case, and end up having to use it. My man stands beside me, opens his coat and blocks every one's view and I blow chunks into this little airsick back.
He man wipes my face with his only handkerchief, gets me a wheelchair and arranges for a flight attendant to "attend" to me in the ladies room while we wait for our connecting flight. NOW THAT IS LOVE.

3. You have elective plastic surgery and your man is right there with you, emptying your drains, helping you unclog them, helping you remove a pain pump catheter (and not one bit of pain) and helping with sponge baths. NOW THAT IS LOVE.

4. You finally have to go #2, but your are in a compression suit. It is near impossible to hold the suit open in the back and do your business AND wipe clean. My man, WHO LOVES ME, holds the opening open while I take care of business and then cleans me all up (okay --- he did take it to an extreme for a moment there when I thought he was gonna try and get the insides of me spotless too!). Did he flinch, did he make a face, did he say anything derogatory? NOPE. Just took care of business, asked if I was comfortable and tucked me back into the chaise that he set up for my comfort. NOW THAT IS LOVE.

Would I do the same. OF COURSE, without question. Just the look in his eyes as he ministers to me. The care, the gentleness. The way he wipes away my tears and consoles me when I think I can bear no more.

I know my man love me...in sickness and in healht.


  1. Wow! Yep...I would say all of the above qualify as LOVE! :)

  2. That TRULY is love.

  3. Anonymous7:53 PM

    WOW! That is love! You are both blessed!