Forwarding Emails

Don't you just get SICK and FREAKIN' tired of people sending you emails asking you to forward them to XX number of your friends & family or you will have 20 years of bad luck or you don't believe in God. Don't you just HATE it when you get forwarded an email with some kind of disturbing news and asked to pass it along to your entire address book...and when you check the veracity of it at http://www.snopes.com/ (YOU MUST DO THIS BEFORE YOU EVER FORWARD AN EMAIL - cause just about 99% of all the ones I get are HOAXES).

I CAN'T STAND THAT. Most of the time, I just delete you email without even reading it.

If you hate it just as much as me, you will find this little video ditty HILARIOUS.....

Getting on my Soap Box