NSN Career Fair, Cathy Hughes, Winning & Howard Hughes

Yesterday was an awesome day at the National Sales Network 11th Annual Conference. We started with the Career Fair. We even offered a one day tickets so people could attend the Career Fair, Networking Reception and Concert. I know I've talked about this enough and sent out enough emails to choke a horse so if you missed your opportunity to attend the Career Fair - YOUR BAD. Just about every company was conducting interviews right on the spot or at least screening you for the next step. It was thrilling to go around and see some of the people from our chapter (and others) really utilize the Career Fair as an opportunity - having 2-3 interviews in one day. FANTASTIC.
(ADP is one of the DC/Baltimore Chapter Sponsors)
I even stopped by the P.F.E booth and just COULD NOT resist messing witht he recruiters. I walked up to the booth and introduced myself. One of the ladies said "Are you interested in a career with P.fiz.er?" So, I planted the huge smile on my face and said, "Well, I recently enjoyed a 15 year career at P.fi.zer and you saw fit to lay me off with a huge severance package...so, no not really. But I will take a few pens for nostalgia sake, okay?" These two ladies stood there with their mouth hanging open not knowing what to say. I thanked them for the pens, wished them luck and moved on to the next booth. HILARIOUS.!!!!!!
After the career fair, there we had our Keynote speakers luncheon and I had the honor of introducing Kathy Hughes, Radio Maven of Radio One. WOW! She was fantastic. Her talk was right on and her side bars (the tangents she went off on regularly) were so funny, I thought I was going to blow a one of my surgical drains out from laughing so hard. She went on for 2 hours (only scheduled for an hour) and nobody wanted her to stop. She commented on everything from OJ, Clarence Thomas, Michael Jackson, Jena 6, hip hop, the N word and more. I just know some of the corporate sponsors were squirmin' in their seats, but don't you just wish that you made so much money (Radio One is worth 2 Billion Dollars and 10 years later she is STILL the only African American woman on the stock exchange) that you didn't give a rats bootie what you said?

All I can say is that you missed one of the best luncheon lectures that I've heard in years.

Later that night we had a Networking reception, sponsored by Anheuser-Busch. They were NSN's very first sponsor and they have always sponsored the Friday night reception and concert. The reception was very nice and they raffled off some awesome prizes ('bout 5 portable DVD players, 'bout 4 30G Ipods, 'bout 6 GPS units, and 5 leather jackets). I have been running around or 2 days, claiming that I was gonna win something. Dell was raffling off computers, Abbott gave away jump drives just if you talked to 4 people in thier hospitality room on Thursday night and a PSP player. I WON! I WON! I WON!. My name got pulled out of the bowl and I chose the 30G Ipod. I had to then protect it with my life. Everyone was wantin' to "see" my pod and I would hold it up and say SEE!

After the reception, we went into the ballroom for the Howard Hewitt concert. He was AWESOME. He did some old Shalamar stuff, songs we all knew and then a song from his new album. We had the best time. He stayed out in the audience to sing and went around to everyone. I was having so much fun and even forgot or a short time that I still had a compression suit on and 2 drains in. I was feeling great! Then the DJ came on and we partied like rockstars, tearing up the dance floor. Wish you had been here!

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