NSN DC/Baltimore Pre-Conference Party

Last night was the NSN DC/Baltimore Pre-Conference Party at The Gallery in Silver Spring. WE HAD A BLAST. We had a private lounge area where we could listen to "Soulful Sounds" play and enjoy great food and drinks. WHUR was there hosting the live jazz event and we just got to take part in it all.

The 11th Annual National Sales Network Conference begins next Thursday at the Wardman Park Marriott in DC. If you are not registered...YOU ARE GONNA MISS a great conference.
So WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND (Do what you want, I'm just sayin...):

The NSN conference workshops are designed to assist you with the development of the skills required to ensure that you are competitive in the fast paced ever changing sales environment. The workshop presenters as well as the featured speakers are carefully selected and represent the absolute best of class.

Personal Development
It's not all about what you can do for your company. Your personal development is critical to your health and well being without which you could not be a star producer for any company. The NSN conference makes every effort to incorporate and address issues that impact your personal development.

The NSN conference provides a unique opportunity to interface with sales professionals that represent all industries from around the country. In addition, attendees are able to have one-on-one conversations with VP's of Sales from some of the leading companies in the US. The annual NSN conference has the dubious distinction of having the highest concentration of Africa-American VP's of Sales then any other annual meeting or conference in the world.

Cost/Value Relationship
The National Sales Network Conference & Career Fair has one of the best cost/value relationships. The very low registration fee far exceeds your return on investment.

Conference Profile 2006
Over 600 Attendees
Over 22 States Represented + International
Account Executive to VP of Sales Titles
Attendees Manage Up to $1.2 B / 200 Employees
Average Yrs of Selling Exp. = 10.3 yrs
Average Yrs of Management Exp. = 5.5 Yrs Average
51.4 % Company Paid (Career Development)

NSN Industry Representation
Consumer Products
Medical Devices
Financial Services
Real Estate
Advertising / Media

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  1. I don't want to see pictures of food! I want to see the new you!!! I think your face looks thinner too.
    After your kind of surgery, I wonder how you can tell if you actually lost any weight...I mean along with what ever the surgeon took. I bet you weren't eating very much when you were hurting so badly, so maybe you really did!
    Can't wait to see.