25 Random Things About Me

I was tagged in Facebook with the 25 Random Things Thingy...here are mine 25 Randoms:

1. I love to scuba dive...only in warm water.

2. I was born in the wrong century and often wish that Worf would beam down and drag me back to the Enterprise. I would not kick and scream.

3. I am a Certified Kickboxing Instructor...and fitness classes are the only thing I am good at teaching. I don't have the patience for much else.

4. I don't particularly like women and that is why I don't have very many close women friends. I find most grown women still operating in some kind of high school drama, hold grudges, can't handle open and frank discussion and practice way too much "one upsies." Men are just easier to get along with.

5. I love ballroom dancing and have participated in a Dance Showcase.

6. My favorite food is sushi. I could eat it every day.

7. My favorite adult beverages are Martini's & GOOD Red Wine (not that ish in a box or outta a screw top bottle - while becoming fashionable, I'm still a wine snob)

8. After sleeping in foxholes and worse, I don't "camp". I consider camping or roughing it staying in a hotel with the doors exposed to the elements. HUMPH.

9. I have a Jungle Warfare Badge, killed a monkey and ate it (I was hungry). Tastes like chicken.

10. I own my own leather tool belt. My alter ego is Handy HotNESS.

11. I am double jointed, especially in my hands and can do some really creepy stuff with them.

12. My husband and I are good friends with my "first" everything and his wife. Could you say the same or are you still harboring some kind of 25 year old love drama.

13. My husband thinks I'm a borderline genius...I tend to agree.

14. I have shot marksman with a 9MM and a M16. I'm still a good shot, don't mess with me.

15. My sister is a sociopath. I hate and love her at the same time.

17. I am a travel snob. When I spend a small fortune on my travel adventures, I will NOT accept mediocre service, attitude or accommodations. Period.

18. If I had to do it all over, I would have been a physician or an astronaut or both.

19. I love being married. Good thing, I've been with the same guy for 26 years, married almost 22.

20. Two of my children are actually my nieces...but possession is 9/10ths of the law.

21. The first time I met my husband, we were on a 9MM range. You don't turn down a girl with a gun.

22. I hate wearing a bra, but it is an absolute necessity...besides, I was raised that a woman's "underpinnings" are the foundation of decorum and class. Nobody wants to see your cellulite, muffin top, rolls or pooch. Seriously.

23. I will judge a man pretty quickly by the state of his shoes and belt. Run down heels, no edge dressing, scuffs, no polish...a belt w/braces, a worn leather belt...signs of lack of attention to detail. What else is he neglecting. Hmmmm.

24. I haven't attended church in a long time, but I love the Lord. I've got some church issues.

25. I love to scrapbook...you should see my stuff.