Killers of Joy

I know that most of you don't believe it, but it takes a lot to set me off and snap crazy. Usually I just go off in my head and am polite enough to just keep it to myself. However, there are times when people just pop off with some stoopit, ignant, whiney shyat that makes my eye twitch and causes me to respond in a manner that is just, well...downright deserving. I end up going off with a verbal byatch slap cause I'm just SICK AND DAMN tired of people poppin off with their issues all in the background.

Killers of Joy.

They are the very people that, if they see joy happening they want to put some kind of spin on it to make it all sinister and evil...with some kind of ulterior motive or something. I ran smack into the wall of a Killer of Joy tonight.

I sent out a reminder of to all the people who had not RSVP'd or said maybe about the West Point Diversity Leadership Council Inaugural Event. This event, while hosted by a couple of grads from West Point, is open to all Academy Graduates, friends & family of the service academies, candidates & cadets, serviceman & vets. It is the cheapest event going on in the city Inaugural weekend and we have a lot of surprises in store for those in attendance.

I get an email today that said:
Will your event be an Obama-fest? If so, I'll pass just as I pass on the
Congressional Black Caucus events. Thanks.

Well that just made bit my azz. DA HELL. This was from a friend, a fellow grad, a brother who happens to be a registered Republican (guess what, so am I). That email just slapped me as some crybaby bullshyat. EVERYTHING AIN'T ABOUT YOU! Seriously. "Obama fest"? "Congressional Black Caucus" event? WHAT DA HELL? How pissy. GET OVER IT. Stop being all pissy and mad cause your candidate got his azz whooped soundly. EVERYTHING AIN'T ABOUT YOU ND NOT GETTING YOUR WAY.

Killer of Joy.

How about just celebrating a obviously historical event. As it states on the invitation: Join us for a celebration of history, fellowship, and our collective futures. Why do you have to take it to a whole new level and make it into something it is not? Why...

Killer of Joy.

Please, get over yourself. Come or don't. The only person who is gonna miss something is you, cause guess what....EVERYTHING AIN'T ABOUT YOU.