The Audacity of US Airways

What used to be one of my preferred airlines has now move into the category of absolutely outrageous and is in the running for the idiot company of the year award.
This morning, I had to catch a flight to Pheonix, AZ for a National Meeting with my new job and the entire ordeal of traveling out of a US airport was ramped up to its highest level by the audacity of US Airways. (Yeah, I said it and I hope they read this).
  • Over half of the terminals were out of order on one of the busiest travel days of the year (final holiday travel). So much for an electronic ticket & printing out your boarding pass in advance.
  • One of the attendants then walked around to tell us that it was our (the passengers) fault for the possibility of not making our flight on time.Basically, it was "too bad, so sad" - our technical difficulties are now your problem. Suck it up. Should have been here 5 hours earlier. One poor kid, a young Marine, had been standing in line forever and he seemed distraught. He had already missed his first flight, he was made to get back in line at the end to try and rebook. He was worried he was going to get in trouble (AWOL) if they couldn't get him on another flight quickly. All I could say was "It will be all right" - but it certainly didn't look that way.
  • While I heard about this before, it still makes me hotter than hell that you have to pay $17 each way for one piece of luggage. That ish just pisses me off, especially after your realize how effen much you pay on top of the damn ticket price in taxes and fees. Now that the price of gas has gone down, don't you think the airlines could roll that policy back. Hmmmm. Prolly not...they figure they got us all used to it that we will just continue to take it. One passenger brought this huge bag on the plane as his carryon - he know damn well that it was not the right size nor would fit in the overhead. The flight attendant had to remove the bag and check it for him. He didn't have to pay $17 (she didn't even ask). Perhaps that is the way to go. Let's all just drag our bags on as carryon - let's game the system, just like the airlines are gaming us.
  • BUT WAIT...US Airways get's even more ridiculous. I get on the plane, wondering what movie I'm gonna get to watch on my 4 hour flight. I pick up the US Airway Magazine to look it up and what do I see...YOU GET NOTHING unless you are flying to/from Hawaii or Europe. Here's the message in the magazine - "As of November 1, 2008 in flight audio & video entertainment is available only on fligts to and from Hawaii & Europe:" WTF! Not even music. No inflight TV or anything. Naw playa's - bring your own ish and don't pull it out till we freakin tell you to.
  • OKAY - so I'll get me a soda, read my book & listen to my iPod. NOT! - Nothing is free anymore on US Airways. While I knew about having to pay for an overpriced snack box on flights, I have NEVER had to pay for a freakin soda or water. GTFOOH! you now have to pay $2 for a soda, $1 for coffee or tea. What DA hell is going on. You have got to be kidding me. US Airways has lost their everlasting minds.
  • IT'S NOT OVER...just when I thought I had calmed down and would not be shocked anymore, I opened up my seat back tray only to find a effn advertisement for a cold medicine on the tray. This ad was on every freakin tray. So, US Airways is getting advertising dollars (you know damn well they ain't doing it for free) on top of our money for security, luggage, food, beverages, and the money they save from entertaining you on the plane.I now have to look at commercials and I don't get one (NOT ONE) amenity for my effort.
I am so out done, so outraged at the audacity of US Airways. They need to get a freaking clue and get it quick. I just can't imagine that nobody else finds these things just absurd. Let me tell you what...If I can at all help it, I won't fly these idjits again till they make some adjustments cause right now - I think US AIRWAYS SUCKS..............BIGTIME.
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