Just Fabulous!

I ain't got nothing more to add to this picture except to reiterate that we were JUST FABULOUS!!!! A few of us gathered together for lunch to celebrate Gretchen's Birthday and everybody was just...just...FABULOUS. I love getting together with these ladies each and every time.

Heard/Seen at the luncheon:
  • @Tsiporah...your hair is so damn beautiful, you could be a freakin' Breck girl
  • @TravelDiva...damn girl, you "really" look like a woman who lunches on a regular
  • CreoleInDC: Girrrrrrl, let me tell you bout [these] people...de special.
  • @OneFromPhilly...when da hell is the winery opening up? You need a marketing specialist?
  • *Sissy walking in late* - looking like she was late coming from a meeting with the First Lady. (I wasn't mad at her - at all)

We must do this more often.