When it Rains, It Pours...

I often say to myself that God's delays are NOT his denials. I spend a lot of time meditating on that message...trying to be still, be quiet, to listen and be prepared for the time, the moment of when you are "approved"...Blessed be the man who perseveres through trials, for once he is approved, he shall inherit the Kingdom of God (James 1:12). The crew has been though a rough patch and we are still working our way outta some stuff. However, starting on Dec 20th, things started to turn in our favor...call it anything you want - just don't call it luck. I don't believe it in; to me there is no such thing as luck. All I know is that by being faithful or committed or dedicated (call it what you want)...things started to turn our way...the blessings started to happen...

God's delays are NOT his denials.

Yesterday, I lamented about being so tired from working at getting up to speed on my new job - that's okay - I GOT A NEW JOB! We rejoiced in the fact that Jordan recieved his first college acceptance. We were content, we were happy, we felt blessed.

Today was a new day! My daughter Erin, who you will recall, was laid off from her job at one of the largest car dealerships in this area, got a phone call today with an offer for what she terms - "Her Dream Job". Today she accepted a position as Staff Accountant at an International Economic Think Tank in DC. She came over this evening to raid my closet cause she said she had to take it up a couple of notches in attire. She finds the best perk/benefit is that they reimburse & encourage the pursuit of a Masters Degree. I think she was about to burst. We celebrated Jordan's acceptance & both of our new jobs over a pot roast and champagne.

But that's not all. I don't put all of the gory details out there about our lives - just most of it - here on my online diary, but those closest to us know that things were tight. Being just a tad finacially astute, we came up with a plan to restructure our mortgage (w/o refinancing & associated costs). We figured that if major corporations can get help, so can't a family with a jumbo mortagage. Well, through some savvy negotiations by the FireMarshall (yeah, I'm a little surprised, cause its usually me doing these kind of things) we were able to "restructure" our mortagage to something fixed and the new low interest rate and reduce our payment by $3k. Ahhh, I saw you gasp. Did you not read the part about JUMBO MORTGATE. The estate here ain't no small potatoes. We are doing the happy dance ....AGAIN!

Last, but not least, we were having extreme difficulty figuring out our transportation details for the Inaugural Ball on Monday. Metro shut down at midnight, we are in a restricted parking zone, we are in a security bubble. How da hell were we going to get home after the ball. The magic carriage was going to turn into a pumpkin. What were we going to do. Well, the FireMarshall worked the network and finagled a driver to pick us up at his dads house, drop us at dinner & then come back and get us (at least as close as he can - we will probably have to walk a few blocks) when the clock strikes 1am. We got this at such a reasonable price, it is a damn shame and I'm not sharing. Especially when drivers are charging up to $200/hour. Sorry.

We are still feeling Truly Blessed. When it rains, it pours.