Morning After Inaugural Travel Randomness

Its 430am. I have a 6am flight out of Dulles to Phoenix for training for new job. Why do I have to find the only other person on the road at this time in morning, get behind him, and they are DRIVING SLOW AS YUCK!!

*Shhhhh. Don't tell anyone* But sometimes I am afraid...of failure, that I can't do it, that I will be a dissapointment, that the dream might not come true....and then God steadies my trembling knees...and I keep falling forward.

The finger nail moon hanging in the sky is beautiful.

Why, eery time I get near an airport, I have to be in the middle of some kind of drama. People must still have Inauguration day kindness...an attendant took pity on me and got me on my flight.

Jet Blue has restored my faith in airtravel. Looks like the small upstart airlines have figured out a happy balance vs the major airlines who take gouging customers to a new level. USAir is still on my shyat list.

Almost everyone on my this 1st leg of my journey is in a coma.

It bites my azz when some of the other half of my heritage (ie. White People) get their panties in a bunch when someone speaks the truth about the past and/or current race relations in America. The truth will set you free.

You know what else..I hate even more Black people who want absolutely nothing to do with anyone or anything they consider "Black" lest they be labled/stereotyped in some perceived negative way. As if by doing so, nobody will notice the color of their skin and treat them "differently."

My eyes hurt so bad from lack of sleep, but it hurts less to keep them open than to close them. Imma need to get some Visine quick.

The sun coming up over the horizon (viewed out airplane window) is a spectacular gradient of orange.

Malia is a photo bug after my own heart. I love it that she always has her digital camera. CUTE CUTE CUTE.

The more I see the First Lady's gown, the more I like it...never didn't like it, but I was expecting more SHAZAM. Mrs Biden's boots were the HOTNESS.

Despite how often the FireMarshall plucks my last damn nerve, he is always my Knight and I think he is the business Cat's Meow.

I can't believe the Chief Justice messed up on the most important 35 words in history - Jeez

I really try not to practice obesity hate crimes; being a pleasently plump Diva myself, but I ABSOLUTELY HATE (and want to say do do mean things) it when I have to sit next to someone on my flight that clearly needs 1 1/2 seats. Why do I have to lean over into the aisles cause you are oozing over into my seat & violating my personal space. If you can't put the arm rest down between us you are TOO BIG I am some kinda mad about spending 4 hours with your body pressed up against me. Ugggggaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

Gotta turn the phone off...maybe more reflections later.

Lisa Steptoe