Exhaustion & Elation

Burnt Toast, originally uploaded by Ìllume.

I am so tired, I feel like burnt toast. Been on the new job for exactly 7 days (5 of which were at a National Sales Meeting) and, to quote the FireMarshall, "I went out there, showed my azz, showed off and now they are expecting miracles." Be careful what you pray for, you just might get exactly that.

I prayed, I hustled, I planned, plotted & networked - and landed me a new position selling a medical device for a small biotech company. Well, let me tell ya...I did kinda show out...making them remember my name and now they like...So, can you start calling on clients like tomorrow? Ummm, maybe I should figure out how to work the cotton pickin device first, ya think. I'll get it all together soon, but Imma tell ya...girlfriend is pooped and my brain is bout to splode open like a melon.

I got exactly what I prayed and worked for...should have played a little bit harder (I thought I did). Can't complain now.

In the midst of my exhaustion, I came home from the gym and there was a big fat packet from a college for the Prince. Since he is notorious for not opening his mail for days, I usually take it upon myself to open his mail (especially college related stuff - and NO he does NOT have a reasonable expectation of privacy in a home where I pay for everything). I opened his packet and HE GOT ACCEPTED TO PENN STATE!!!!!!!!. GO PRINCE JORDAN.

Now we gotta find some scholarship money to go with that acceptance. We are doing the elated, happy dance over here where we definitly recognize that True Blessings happen.