Inauguration 2009: The Cocktail Party

Cocktail maybe?, originally uploaded by Noelii.

My friend, AngryBlackManVA, threw a cocktail party at his house on Saturday night for a friend from the United Kingdom. About a group of 10 civil servants and other dignitaries came to the US to participate in the excitement of the Inauguration of Barak Obama.

It was one of the most interesting, fun, eclectic group of people. I had such a wonderful time meeting new people & making new friends. We are already planning our trip to England for a visit.

There was Selvin, Deputy Head, Race Equality Diversity Division, Communities Group, who had a passion for life, politics, the Monarcy, race relations & more that was infectious. I didn't want to miss not one converstation he was in the entire night.

There was Doreen Lawrence, author of "And Still I Rise", the story of her son Stephan Lawernce who was murdered in 1993 in England and her families struggle & fight for justice amist corruption. This woman's fight changed laws in England. What an inspiration.

There was a gentleman who practiced international law & litigation. His primary client(s) is a group of people (like a family/nation) that is on the terrorist list. His job is to defend this group and try and get them off the list...if they don't then this whole group will be a target of other groups (he couldn't elaborate more on why their lives as a whole would be in jeopardy). What little he could share with us was just fascinating.

I could go on, but suffice it to say we had a wonderful time. We thoughouly enjoyed the party, the people , the fellowship. What a great way to start the weekend of festivities.