Taking The Red Eye

visine gets the red out, originally uploaded by FrogMiller.

So, what is the airport like when you are taking that midnight flight back home...leaving in the dark, arriving in the daylight & in another time zone.

It's like the twighlight zone.

There is NOBODY here. I was the only one going through security at the time I arrived. There was only 2 other people at the gate when I got here. There were ample seats and electrical outlets to choose from. It is quiet. The place is clean - cause the cleaning team has been through. The bathroom is spotless. Everything is closed, so you are not shopping, eating or getting a drink, lest you brought it with you.

I just pray that I don't have to share a row with a sumo wrestler this time, and can actually get some shut eye....so that I don't have the Red Eyes like my friend above.

I have my Visine just in case.