Getting There Can Be A Byatch

I love to travel. I love going to new destinations and visiting old favorites.
I HATE the "getting there part". There is always some kind of drama, irritation or irrational thing that happens on just about ever trip I go on. We are flying Southwest Air this time to Kentucky as Ron has a board meeting out there and I get to tag along to visit Handy HotNess. 99% of the time I have absolutely no troubles with SWA, but this go round, they done irritated the bat shyt outta me.
* This flight has been chosen for extra screening so we need to be ready for TSA to come around and do random checks. Random checks of what? Why this flight, inquiring minds want to know. You know what they come around and randomly check. Your boarding pass and ID. Like what da hell is that gonna uncover. We done got this far with the same documents...what is gonna change. Might want to come up with something else if you wanna catch someone with some contraband. I hope they never come up with a thought catcher, cause if TSA caught some of my thoughts about the quality of security they provide...HUMPH...I'd be hauled of pretty damn quick (PDQ).
* Obviously the pilot (or co-pilot - I couldn't tell) doesn't have any kids. Cara is walking on the plane, holding her Pooh Bear and he goes "Hey, what makes you think you can bring animals on the plane. No bears allowed." Now I'm an adult, so I knew he was kidding around. Cara, on the other hand, bout went off of the pilot. If laser beams could come out of her eyes, he would have been a bloody mess from the look of sheer hate and disdain she gave him as she clutched Pooh to her chest. Then she looked up at me with a look that said, "Shank him, Mom - handle yo bizness." I almost hollered when the attendant at the front with the pilot jumped back. Let me just tell ya playa's...WE ARE NOT THE ONES. (at least Cara and I...The FireMarshall might play nice for a few minutes...HUMPH...not me)
* So I got this game to play with Cara (Bailey's Book House) on my computer but I forget to bring the headphone jack splitter. Well I turn down the game super low and we start playing the game. We can barely hear the damn game. The flight attendant come up to me and asks for me to turn down the game. I just gave the heffa the side eye. Why you ask? Cause I'll turn down the friggin computer "so as to not disturb the other passengers" at the SAME MFn TIME YOU AND YOUR CO-WORKER STOP SHUCKIN & JIVVING all loud as a mofo and as soon as you tell all the other passengers to STOP FRIGGIN TALKING cause they are disturbing me. WTF. Obviously, me ignoring her didn't work so she figured she could get on the intercom and remind us all that we should be using headphones. I wanted to stand up and REMIND her snarkey azz that her and the rest of her co-workers should be SEEN AND NOT HEARD as well. Just so you know, Cara and I kept right on playing our game until she got tired of it. STEP OFF.
I guess that is why she didn't bring those wings she promised to give Cara.
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