Here's What I Know About BFF's

* I don't put ANY conditions/qualifications on what I will do for my BFF(s)/Top Mafia. If I have the time and I tell you I'm going to do something or be somewhere, that's what I'm going to do. I will sit all day with you at your son's track meet (I might whine the whole time), be a good sport, provide running entertaining commentary. I will lay floor with you, put up your wallpaper for you and provide tech support. You can count on me to be the one to live to tell the story and have pictures too.

* I don't always have to have my Top Mafia come to me. While I DO love being the Hostess with the Mostest, I've go no problem going to their place, meeting them at their stuff, out for lunch, whatever. Have car, airfare, I will travel.

* Speaking of traveling...I love hearing about girlfriend trips (Babs is on one right now - SO COOL). I would have no problem rooming up with my Top Mafia on a trip, but since I'm a GAW (grown azz woman) I would probably get my own suite - maybe share a room with one of the Mafia.

* I am a ride & die girlfriend. I GOT my Top Mafia's back. Like I said earlier, if I have to get out the car and back my girls play ("Do we have a problem?"). I will use whatever weapon I have at my disposal - even if it is just my wits - to throw down.

* Since none of my BFF's live in the same state as me, we got to travel to see each other. Yes, I will get in the car/on a plane for their special events and to just occasionally mooch off their wine & food. Why - cause they are my Top Mafia

* My Top Mafia is comprised of some very eclectic people - The Handy HotNess Twins; CityGirl/FarmGirl; The TravelDiva Clan - and I know for a fact that we would all get along fabulously.

* I rejoice and celebrate in my BFF's success and triumphs. I am there with a shoulder and tissue during the challenges and heartbreak.

* With my BFF's, the world does not always revolve around me. Now, in general, the Universe DOES revolve around me; however, when I am with my girls, when I am in their universe - it is about them. I listen, I pay attention, I play nice with my BFF's. The Universe revolves around all of us when we are together.

* I do have some issues & idiosyncrasies. What I don't do is make my BFF's have to manage me & walk around eggshells in order to be friends with me. How irritating would that be to have to follow a bunch of pet peeve super rules in order to be in my presence at any time. I don't mean that you can disrespect me, my family or my home or be nasty/ignant; but I don't expect you to have maintain a list of of "what will set TravelDiva off" items....besides, if I did go off, they are just gonna give me the side eye and tell me to sit down somewhere. OH WELL.

So, how are you with your Top Mafia? Are you ride & die OR are you a sometimey; fair weather friend?