Gross Generalizations

Yesterday, this chick posted on her FaceBook wall the following update:

"Why is it that corporate folks that make over $100 grand ALWAYS seem incapable of doing such mundane things like [unjam] the fax machine."

I read it. It made my eye twitch. I just hate when people make gross, sweeping generalizations about a group of people - it smacks of classism, racism, jealousy, hateration, and/or pettiness (one or all of the above). I commented, "Wow. That's a gross generaliztion. I'm one of those corporate folks and I have no problem fixing the fax machine [or anything else] that needs to get done."

Well, it became very apparent that she (and her "friends") didn't think that what she said was a generalization - a statement about all the members of a group that may be true in some or many situations but is not true in every case - and just kept going on about how "they" see this all the time and why (kinda like all black males are theives or worse). Yes, it did hit a nerve - not about being a "corporate folk that makes over $100 grand" but the generalization, the pettiness of it and the fact that it just irks me when people think they can just say any ole damn thing and think that nobody is going to call them on it. They go around just saying hot damn mess and think that everyone around them will just co-sign it.

I'm just not one of those people.

Thus, I decided to use her own words against her to make my point about how that statement was a generalization. I posted this FB thought on my wall:

Why is it that corporate folk who make <100k>100K will or won't do mundane? Classism, Jealousy or lazy themselves? Was that a generalization?
Now that set this chick OFF. I've found that when you use peoples own words back at them to illustrate a point, you find out that they rarely want to hear it and get their panties all in a bunch. "[I} took [her comment] from a generalized comment that [I] should have just brushed off and kept it moving to start attackin [her] personally." See, that is exactly what people who pop off with dribble and nonsense expect you to do. Brush it off and keep it moving so they can continue saying stupid stuff. When they run up on somebody who has the temerity to say something back - you get the screaming, the histerics, the true personal attacks.

I was accused of being one of those lazy corporate folk, of making a personal attack and of being a hater. BWAAAAHAAAAHAAAA! Hate - are you serious? I barely knew this chick. The only reason I friended her on FB was because she had two friends in common with me - two people I respect and personally know - so okay - I accepted. HATER? I don't even know you to hate on anything you have or say. PHULEEEEZE. The only thing I know of you is what you look like from your facebook picture - and I would recommend picking another one, since that one is unfortunate. Since you went on and on about how you didn't have time or want to be around a hater - I helped you out on that front and de-friended your behind AND blocked you. Guess what? DING - you are now free to move about FB without worring about me.

Just a tip here...if you are one of those people that just spouts off at the mouth without thinking, please don't be surprised and get all hostile when someone checks your azz. I'm just saying.

Now, move along people, there is nothing left to see.