Just Some Stuff On My Mind

* FYI - your piss poor planning does NOT constitute an emergency on my part. Thus I do NOT feel compelled to rush, stress myself out or inconvenience myself all to fix your mess. Don't get it twisted.

* I gave up giving a rats azz what other people thought about what I do, how I dress, what I look like (or don't) and a whole host of other mess a long time ago. I really don't give a shyat that you don't like me or whatever I do. Seriously.

* My life isn't perfect. I'm not trying to make it that way. I'm just trying to live and have a great time while doing it. If you wanna come for the ride, be my guest - you & yours are welcome. If you are intent on making me conform to your way - then hit your own highway.

* In this here economy, you best learn to manage up if you have an azz for a manager. This is not the time to be acting like a damn fool and trying to take out someone above you. SMH

*...and I think I've said this before...If you plan on going to war with someone at work, be damn sure to put them down for good. Don't just wound your adversary, they tend to get back up, lick their wounds and come back for the kill. You have been warned.

* I am so friggin excited that I am going to visit my girl & soror, Pattey at the end of the month. The FireMarshall was named to a Board of Directors of a nonprofit and he has meetings in her town. I'm going along for the ride. WOO HOO!!!! Handy HotNESS unites again.

* I miss my baby Maia. GIMMIE MY BABY!!!

* Erin going off to college wasn't so hard. I think Jordan leaving is nearly gonna kill me. Shhhh...don't tell anyone.

* What to wear to the Founders Day Gala? Sigh.

* The FireMarshall is planning a "Victory" Cruise for us in May. I'm so excited.

* I am pissed that the taxes/fees on our airline tickets for Prince Jordan's graduation trip cost as much as 2 separate tickets. Out-damn-rageous.

* Most aspects of my current job I HATE...consulting with patients & veterans is a PURE JOY, especially the new patient I met on Monday. I look forward to working with him and achieving the healing goal he set for himself.

* I want the Geico Cavemen back...I'm not so into the money-eyeball thing.

* Cara snores like a lumberjack. DAAAAAMM Girl.

* There is nothing on TV...guess I'll pour another glass of wine and read.