Sunday Musings from the TravelDiva

* I have resigned myself that every nook & cranny in my house belongs to various barbies, stuffed animals & other dolls in various stages of dress.

* My lip was poked out cause I didn't get an invite to have Red Beans with one of my Top Mafia. FINE. I pulled out HER recipie and making my own pot. LOL

* I could not believe how painless it was to go prom suit shopping with my son & his girlfriend. PAINLESS. I picked two suits off the sale rack, he tried em on. Liked the one I liked. Dad came and picked out shirts & ties. DONE in under and hour. Girlfriend was happy too.

* The part in the Sex & the City Movie where Carrie's Top Mafia wisk her off to Mexico after the wedding fiasco and Samantha is feeding Carrie while she is still in the throws of her Mexicoma...makes me tear up each and every time....cause I KNOW that I have Top Mafia just like that, who would save me, protect me, care for me in my time of need. I feel blessed and revel in her "movie" blessings.

* The subtext of that text...BOOOTEH!

* While I may not know some of my "innernet axe murder friends" like my Top Mafia, rest assured that I am working my roladex for some of them in their time of need. Why? Cause we be like the Mob. We roll deep and if it is within my power to help just one more person then I will make it so, number 1.

* I still am surprised at how so many people don't seem to be able to disagree or have a discussion/debate without resorting to name calling, insults & general bytchazzedness to make their point. So far this month I've been a "Ghetto Byatch", a "Classy Ho", an overpaid corporate idiot, "Shorty", told that "my weave it too tight" and so on & so forth. SIGH. WHATEVER. What is funny is that parts of the insults are true...I am a Classy , Short, Corporate Byatch.

* I don't have any weave, but if I did, it still would be MY hair cause I got the receipt. I call it HIB - Hair I Bought.

* So I set up a FB profile for the FireMarshall. Now he is a friggin Crackbook junkie. STOP ASKING ME QUESTIONS. Figure that thing out yourself, Mister Man.

* I've watched Pinnochio 2x today with the Mini-Diva. Ya know there are a lot of great lessons in that movie. You should pull it out.

*When you wish upon a star...You're dreams come true.