It's About The Children...STOOPIT

I recently commented on two blogs that wrote about the OctoMom situation. The basic gist of both posts were that the world should back off from this woman, leave her alone and say no more about her...there are bigger fish to fry, bigger problems in the world etc. I agree. There are. I agree with one poster that getting all up in OctoMom's face about her being hysterical about losing her child is over the top. Yep, we have all been in that situation and personally, I saw nothing wrong with her response except that maybe the histrionics were excessive, but that is her emotional make up and so be it. Luckily her son was found.

The other post was just ridiculous. Said almost the same thing as the first, except this blogger went on to list all the reasons that a person should not have a pot to piss in and should, therefore, "shut the f#&k up" and keep their mouth shut about OctoMom's whole situation.

Like I said, some of the OctoMom attacks are just over the top and we should mind out own business, but when it comes to those 14 children - I think we do have a right to be concerned for their health and welfare. Here is what I said on the first bloggers post (and I don't think -and hope she doesn't think - I was personally attacking her):

Honestly, I don't give a rats azz about the woman personally. I am a mother and do have a concept about the demands of child rearing WITH a husband and family to support me. My concern is for those 14 (FOURTEEN) children. Octomom does not in any way shape or form have the mental, physical or financial ability to care for FOURTEEN children by herself. PERIOD.

That is what we should be focusing on...those FOURTEEN children, who in no way, shape or form can have a chance in the situation that she is in. There simply ain't that much "love" and "being present" in the world to make it work.

COME ON...tell me seriously who you would [be able] to care for 8 preemies and 6 other children BY YOURSELF with little or no resources. Neither you nor I could do it. But I guess if she gets a multi-million dollar deal from somebody, this will be all moot.

So, did she have 14 kids in hopes of getting money? Is that not crazy?

I said almost exactly the same thing on the other bloggers post except that I added that I don't have to be quiet about cause I didn't meet her "shut the f#$k up" criteria and after I said my peace, I told her to "shut the f#&k" up. I can't put it here, because she deleted it & decided to go on a hysterical tirade about how I was personally attacking her, calling me a hoe, saying that I was stalking her cause I hated her but was all up in her coolaid and doing stoopit shyat like that. BWAAAHHAAAAHAAA. I didn't hater her previously and I don't hate her now. Her personal issues with another blogger that banned her is between her & the one that banned her. I read cause I felt like it. Other peoples issues or dislike does not dictate what or who I read. I'm a Grown Ass Woman. I can and WILL think for myself and do what the freak I want.

I think she is an insecure, petty, hysterical woman who finds hate, personal conspiracies & drama around every corner. Really. YOU AIN'T all that. Whatever. Trust that I have deleted you from my blog list. It ain't that big of a friggin deal. I'm going to take my classy hoe azz and move along. TRUST when I say that thoughts of you and your existence do not consume my life and I will not have to resort to name calling & byatchassedness to try and make a point.

This has been another public service announcement. You have, once again, been warned.