On 16 March 1802, Thomas Jefferson signed the document that founded the United States Military Academy it read, “that the said corps, when so organized, shall be stationed at west point in the state of New York and shall constitute a military academy.”

George Washington first proposed a military academy in 1783, but critics opposed this relatively new idea of a special school to train army officers as too European. They deemed it incompatible with democratic institutions, fearing the creation of a military aristocracy. Finally, two decades after Washington’s first proposal, on 16 March 1802, the United States Military Academy officially opened.

I celebrated the 207th Anniversary of the Founding of the United States Military Academy with a bunch of my 1987 Classmates at the West Point Society of DC's Gala on Saturday. We had a blast!

Happy Founders Day!

The West Point Glee Club 2008 sings The Corp