Thoughts Over Coffee @ Work

* What in the name of God is the fascination with gold teeth. Why are there so many employees here either missing teeth or have them covered in decorated gold. It looks a hot damn ghetto mess.

* Why, for the love of wax, do so many women around here think that it is a good look to actually shave their facial hair like a man? There is NO reason on earth that as a woman, you should have a gotee shadow on your face.

* Furthermore, a woman should NOT be using lotion, moisturizer, vasaline or anything else to lay down your mustash, let alone your "baby hair".

* I'm just gonna start carrying a portable waxing kit or some nair for your face.

* If wearing your pants down round your ankles is a stoopit look for a man, it is especially ignant for a woman. What da hell are you thinking.

* if you are filling out a job application, you should come prepared with your own pen. Seriously. Why you got to "borrow" mine?

* if your forehead starts back at the crown of your head, take the hint that your weave is too tight and your hair is falling out. So, you just gonna keep adjusting where your weave starts till you go bald?

* I'm so confused with all of this madness.

* It just about brings me to tears to see the state that some of our older Vets are in. Thank you for you service, but WE and YOU got to do better. Let's meet half way at least.

* in the future, EMS should really use the freight elevator to transport patients. The public elevator is not the place. TMI for us and the patient.
* Everyone is born with the wealth of health...it is one of the precious gifts from God...guard it with every fiber of your being...cause when it's gone, unlike money, it is virtually impossibe to gain back.
Lisa Steptoe