Yucks from the Yard Sale

So I'm sitting here w/my mother at our local High School Prom Fundraiser Yard Sale...and I have a few observations:

* Its a MFn SALE & FUNDRAISER. No that ish aint free. Show me where you can get a 2-Line Cordless phone for less than the $5 I'm asking and THEN we will negotiate.

* Like my mother said...Everybody wants something for nothin.

* "This purse looks pretty beat up" No it friggin doesn't and no I aint giving it to you for .25 cents. Crackhead.

* Who da hell shoplifts at a damn yard sale. Are times that friggin bad?

* If I'm selling stuff @ the Yard Sale, why did I buy Cara the Barbie Camper and am eyeing the Barbie Castle? Sigh

* It never ceases to amaze me the things that people will buy.

* Seriously people. You know better..No my laptop, BB or bluetooth headset are NOT for sale. Why does everyone want what I aint selling.

* The booth next to us has taken Obsessive Compulsive Yard Seller to a whole new level w/an inventory of every item and she checks off each item as she sells it. I wonder if it is alphabatized.

* The Yard Sale Stalker...the person who comes at the very beginning and stalks your table for hours waiting for you to mark down the prices. NOT HAPPENING.

* How many ways to Sunday do you need to examine that item. And knocking on it does not indicate the it is cracked- STOOPIT.

* I am cracking up at the man who agreed to come Yard Selling w/his wife. When I said " Wow, your still here.". He replied, laughing, '"I'm here with SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED." Hilarious.

Well, we have finally packed up and escaped. We made about 4 c-notes. Covers my retail therapy from yesterday. Whatever.
Lisa Steptoe