Track Meet Trauma

I spent the ENTIRE day at my a track meet for my BFF's son & track team. LAWD HAB MERCY! I had no freakin idea that these things take all dag on day. I'm a Lax mom...we go to a game, it takes 2 hours max, there is yelling, running, screaming, whacking, drama...and it all happens in a 2 hour period. This track meet thing - WOW. We were there all day and it is slow as slow frozen molasses. However, when things were not happening on the track, there was plenty going around me at all times.

Peruse these photos's for a moment:

Here are my random thoughts from the track meet:
* Wow, your momma must really be proud of you and that mohawk. Seriously.

* If you are spending a lot of time (even while running) pulling your uniform out of your ass, then perhaps you should check with the coach about going up a size.

* White lace panties under your see through bathing suit track uniform is just, well, TMI.

* Crunch, burnt, fried, extreme colored hair - I have no more words.

* Sportsmanship - what a concept. You are doing the 300 meter hurdles and are getting your cookies ate...ie...you keep running INTO instead of OVER the hurdles. After the 3rd mess up, you decide to quit, stop running, say eff it, and jump the fence into the stands instead. I think you and your coach are gonna have a real problem.

* You know you are in the hood when they are cooking half chickens and ribs at the concession stand...you also know you are a snob when you are disgusted and yet can't look away at the people eating said items without untensils by any means necessary. Just stop.

* I don't care if you are a coach or not. CONTROL YOUR BAD AZZ CHILDREN and don't get mine involved in your ADD moment. Matter a fact - BEAT DE AZZ.

* Just cause you can, doesn't mean you should. If your entire team SUCKS and is slow as hell, perhaps you should spend more time training than on color coordinating uniforms or spending so much time thinking about making a statement with your socks. For Real, Doh. Run Forest Run should become your mantra...work on it please.

* I learned today that even if you have an entire SVU of junk in your trunk, it does NOT mean that you are gonna be slow. Oh, hell no. It was as if some of these booties had jet packs implanted. These girls could RUN DE AZZ off.