THE ART OF WAR - Usual Suspects Style

I met up with some of the Usual Suspects last night at a place called Co Co Salsa. Good thing the company was great cause this place, while cute 'n all, was way too froo froo for even me. Come on now...They put 3oz of wine in a 14oz glass and charge $12; they serve up "Co Co Bites" (see picture below) as appetizers, charge $8 and it is something my husband could pop in his mouth with one bite; specialty drinks - $13 and not so special.

Despite the disappointing drinks and cuisine, the company was no where close. It is always a freakin' scream when I get together with the gang. I got to meet Shelly & OneBlackMan and it was like a lightening bolt hit me when it finaly dawned on me that they were the two parties in one of the most infamous blog wars in history. What a treat.

Some of the funny moments:

  • The Art of Re-Stalking
  • How to keep the love/hate affair -blogwars - fire burning
  • Making sure you hang out with friends crazier than you are so you have someone else to blame & you can live to tell the story.
  • We need to add diversity to the group...We will be handing out applications to other cultures seeking people who would like to officially have a black friend.
One thing I know for sure...I love hanging with these women (and occassional guys). They are all funny, real, interesting women that are just a pure pleasure to be around. Like Monnie said last night...It is great to have some wonderful women friends at this point in our live. Yes, Lawd. I love it.