We Are In Paradise - St. Lucia

It was a long day of travel - 6am flight from Dulles, and the Fire Marshall has to be at the airport 2+ hours prior to departure. We arrived at the airport at 4am and the dang ticket counter was not even open. Ron did upgrade us to First Class for our leg from DC to Miami. I love me some First Class but didn't really get to enjoy it cause I was out like a freakin light. All snuggled up in my travel binkie, drooling on Ron's shoulder. When I heard the china clinking, I woke up long enough to have 3 sips of coffiee, a hot croissant, and the pineapple outta the fruit cup before I was back in a coma.

We rode coach from Miami to St. Lucia, but I still didn't have a clue that there was a difference cause I was out comatose (except when the woman sitting next to me started talking to herself - I don't know what that was about - it was a long conversation).

Now, mind ya. St. Lucia is the place where Ron and his partners are building a resort & spa. So, when he comes to visit on business, someone from the government always greets him and his party and they are whisked through customs. NOT THIS TIME. He wanted to be all incogNEEGrow, and see what it would be like to go through customes like everybody else. DA HELL? That line was so freakin long and I was looking all cute and ish. Imma tell you what playa, da next time, I wanna be whisked through too. Crackhead. It's gonna cost him big time for that one...there is a jeweler on premises and I'm thinking I need my Christmas present early. Yep buddy, bounce yourself on down there and get that solitaire to go with the band that you got me in St. John. I'm feeling so much better now.

N E WAY, we had a lovely (yet long) ride from the airport to the resort. Ron made the driver stop so he could show me the bay & land that the resort would be built on. BEAUTIFUL. We arrived at the resort (Sandals Grande St. Lucia) and were promptly greeted with champagne. My kinda place.

Our room is beautiful. I'll take pictures when the bed is made again. Beautiful 4 poster bed, kinda like ours at home, but I'm thinking I'm gonna change the canapoy on ours to the way they did it here. SEXY! One of Ron's business partners picked us up and we went out to dinner with him and his wife. They were wonderful and smart. Let me tell you, the St. Lucians are some very bright and intelligent people and they know politics (especially U.S. politics) better than we do. We talked about the election and Ron's friend was breakin down election night results by COUNTY in some states. DAMN, BRO. His analysis...insightful and dead on. I love them. After a wonderful dinner, we walked around Rodney Bay where the nightlife was hoppin'. Unfortunately, I was about to collapse from exhaustion. I had been on those heels and in that dag on bra since 2am...I just can't hang like I used to.

We got back to the room and I have never seen two people get undressed and into the bed so fast. So much for hot, mad, tropical love...I think both of us were asleep and snoring before either of us hit the pillow.

We both slept the sleep of the dead. We woke up to an awesome tropical breeze. Coffee on the balcony...off to the beach.

P.S. The second language here is English. Most of the islanders speak Antillean Creole or Patois.