Day 28: Happy Anniversary Bikram Yoga Columbia

Happy Anniversary - Bikram Yoga Columbia!

Pose #17: Salabhasana - Locust Pose

Here is an excerpt from YogaKat's Newsletter announcing the 1 Year Anniversary of the Studio:

We are so pleased and proud to be honoring our one year anniversary this weekend! To celebrate the occasion from November 7 to 10 you can earn a free class if you bring a friend and sign them up for the $25 intro. All memberships that weekend will be 10% off (excluding the intro, single and auto-debit). All Yogabela and Be Present clothing is 20% off right now. It's been an exciting year and a lot has happened... anything can happen!

We are living in a transformational, monumental and pivotal point in history. Whether or not you voted for Obama, his election is evidence that all things are possible. The yoga holds the same for each individual. When you look into your eyes the next time you practice know that anything can happen and it's all in your power and within your reach.

It's a new year for us at BYC! You know things would not be complete without a party. Mark your calanders for a pot-luck party at the studio December 6th at 6p.m. There will be a sign up sheet at the studio. If you can make it please come! We will also be celebrating the end of the Full Moon Challenge as well as welcoming back our new teachers. Again, many thanks to all of you, and we wish you the best as you continue your practice.

No yoga, no peace. Know yoga,know peace!


Kat Kelley-ChungBikram Yoga Columbia

Pose #18: Poorna - Salabhasana - Full Locust Pose

So, I'm into the home stretch of the 31 Day Challenge. 3 more days/5 more classes (yeah, I have two doubles left to do) and then I am off to St. Lucia for some R&R and Lord knows what else I might get into with FireMarshall Ron - now that I'm all super flexible and ish. I'll leave it to you to use your imagination.

And no, I am nowhere close to the picutre below of Pose 19...how bout it's enough to get my thights off the mat, but that is still a break through.

Pose #19: Dhanurasana - Bow Pose