Christmas Decorating - Serious Business

Here at True Blessings Estate, we take the holiday season very seriously - especially Christmas...and when it comes to decorating for Christmas, we mean serious business. It is a process, that starts with staging the boxes in their appropriate place, set up, a power plan, automatic timing of the on and off of the lights - and ends with a carefully selected color theme. We pretty much stick with one underlying color theme (Red & Gold) and add or subtract colors and items from there.

We always start putting up the decorations the day after Thanksgiving and everything MUST be in place and ready to go by the 1st Saturday in December - the day of the Army-Navy Game and (if I say so myself) THE BEST football party EVER - which we throw every year that we do not go to the game. The invitation to that party went out on Monday. If you want to come to the best time ever and you didn't ge tyour invite, you need to drop me a line.

I have an entire storage area dedicated to Christmas Decorations as well as a lot of other spaces. Dedicated to my craft - Absolutely. How about 2 large storage bins of power cords & timers. Like I said, Serious Business.

This year is the first year for the outdoor tree. A church friend gave my mother a 10 ft tree which we decided would be great for the front area of the house. With this outdoor tree, we will have a total of 5 trees in the house. Putting that sucker up, staking it down (safety first, the FireMarshall said), and decorating took a lot longer than expected. We managed to get it done and started working on the inside - have to work on the rest of the outside later, it was getting cold.

My mother started setting up the Fontanini Display - you won't believe how much room that thing takes up, but it is going to be awesome. At 8pm, we finally gave up the ghost and decided to call it a night. Between our feet and backs hurting, I'm just simply exhausted. I'll have to finish the rest later.

So, how serious are you about your Christmas decorating?