Travel Snobbery

Let it be known that The TravelDiva is a travel snob. Plain and simple. I don't care. Lap of luxury or damn near close to it is the standard as far as I'm concerned. After a couple of years in the military where luxury sleeping was considered a tent or well built foxhole, I consider a hotel with the doors exposed to the outside equivalent to those accommodations. Humph! I didn't take on the alias of TravelDiva for no reason. I have traveled...maybe not as much a some, but more than the average ('cept maybe Honest - she is a traveling monster) and I have stayed in some wonderful places. I knows the difference. Trust.

So, earlier this year, Ron and I attended some event where you could enter your name into a raffle for a free trip. I didn't really think much about it, just filled out the form. I usually don't win stuff, but this year seems to be my year for winning contests (Wii, gift cards, trip). Might not have a job, but I got goodies. Earlier this month, we get a call saying that we won a trip to Williamsburg, VA. Yippie. I like free stuff and we could always use a getaway. Williamsburg is very pretty when decorated for Christmas and the shopping is good.

One catch. (There is always a catch - ain't nothing free) We have to take a tour of a new resort while here. Ron and I laughed. Did you do a background check before you offered us this trip? You would have seen that one of us is self-employed, the other unemployed and not about to buy a damn thing ...especially not a resort in Williamsburg, VA. Are you kidding me? Whatever, if you're going to pay my hotel stay & give me $150 in spending money, I've got nothing better to do. Why the heck not.

We pack Cara up (Jordan & the rest of the crew have social lives better than ours) and head down to Wiliamsburg. Guess what? We are not staying at the resort we have to go on a tour at. We are staying in some kind of guest suites down the street that is just one step up from the Su.per.8. At least the doors are on the inside. Yep...Snobbery. Smarty pants, the FireMarshall, says what did you expect for free? I hate him sometimes. He is laying across the bed, coloring with Cara, laughing at me while my nose is all up in the damn air blogging my disdain.

Actually, the place is not horrific, but when you are expecting a resort and you get Mo.tel.6, you tend to cop an attitude. I did plan us a nice day at Historic Williamsburg for us tomorrow (after our "tour"). We are taking Cara to "A Kids Holiday Memories" Event and then we are doing a walking tour of the Christmas Decorations in Historic City. I hope to get some new Christmas Decorating ideas. Serious Business.

Are you a travel snob?