A Perfect Day in Paradise

I love my life & I love my husband - my personal Fire Marshall - who spoils me ROTTEN!!!!! Let's just say that today, our last day on St. Lucia, and I felt like a fairy princess. There have been a lot of down days recently, but it was if my Fire Marshall knew what I needed (rest, relaxation, pampering, love) and then he topped it off with strawberries & champagne.

Today started with a lazy day by the pool, where I promptly fell asleep with Ron giving me the appropriate tap to remind me to roll over so I wouldn't burn to a crisp. I was then sent off to the spa for an exfoiliating scrub and massage.
That evening we had a Candlelight Dinner on the beach and we were the only couple out that night (all the other nights, the beach was lined with tables & couples). It was so romantic. The evening was just perfect. The food was a little, ummm, not so great, but edible. The lobster bisque was really tomato soup with some sherry & lobster trown in. The salmon was dry. The dessert; however, was awesome! The food issues didn't really matter, we had each other and clowned on the beach we had to ourselves.

I was kinda kidding about the Fire Marshall running down to the jewelry store for an early Christmas present. Well, he went ahead and did it and said I could wear it now. I'm am estatic and the most blessed wife in the world.

Tomorrow..."Back to Life, Back to Reality"... but I think I can make it through.

Each day ends in a blaze of color to applaud the finish of another perfect day in paradise.