USUAL SUSPECTS: Post Election Celebration Luncheon

The Usual Suspects got together for a Post Election Luncheon (no matter what happened)...turns out it was a celebration. We even had some of the Usual Suspect Menfolk with us to make it even more special...even though the menfolk hunkered down at one end of the table and talked "business" - male bonding stuff.

From the Usual Suspect Crew we had me, CreoleInDC, Becca, onefromphilly, Shawn, Honest, TDJ, Tsiporah, Kayla, Mr. Shawn, my better half, The Robinator, and Mike. We had wonderful food at Lauriol Plaza, drank pitchers of Margaritas & Sangria and talked politics and told wonderful (and some shocking) stories.

My mister had to go all ignant on the parking attendant on the way out. See, parking was free we were told, just tip the guy on the way out. So Ron pulls out a couple of bucks to tip the guy and he tries to pull a bait and switch. Attendant says that it is only free for up to 3 hours, after that it is $10. Ron goes well we got here at 2:15 and it is now 4:50. We are under the 3 hours. Attendant start trying to argue with Ron about our time of arrival. NAW PLAYER! Don't even go there. Thanks to OneFromPhilly who schooled em & confirmed our arrival time.

Ron was like..."you're greedy azz is now getting NOTHING! Get in the car, Lisa." Oh, man. Ron was pissed. He ranted about it for at least 5 miles. Rest assured homeboy attendant got NADA.

Despite this little incident, we had a wonderful time. I hope you all are celebrating (or at least trying) this historic event.