Soufries Day Tour - St Lucia

The Fire Marshall and I spent a beautiful day taking a catamaran sailing tour to Soufries. We got to see the Piton's (which were named a U.NES.CO World Heritage site in 2004), visit the center of a volcano that has active sulfur springs, visit the Botanical Gardens, have lunch at a wonderful restaurant with a great view of the Piton's, snorkle & swim off shore and just relax and enjoy the beauty of the island.

There were so many young, newly married couples on the day trip. We were like the "old married couple" to all these young kids. It was just cute to watch them all. There were guys who would come by on a kayak with "merchandise" to sell while we were anchored for swimming. Drive by selling. Just funny as hell.

There was a dance & drinking contest on the way back to the resort. I was robbed on the dance contest. You simply can't tell me that cheeeka out shook me. Humph! I took her on the beer (we only had to do one). That sucker was gone in a flash. Don't mess with a professional drinker. Step off. I won a bottle of rum.

Saw a rainbow today. Just another reminder and how beautiful the world is...it made me feel like God was smiling.