Day 23: YES WE DID & Playing Catch-up

Pose #11: Tadasana - Tree Pose
I hosted a Election Night Results Watch Party last night to share this historic moment with some of my friends and family. We had 2 McCain/Palin supporters (my mother and one other brother). I have to give my mother her props and respect her decision and conviction. Moms had her reasons; she could articulate them and have an educated, reasonable discussion with you on her point of view and why she was voting the way she was. Moms stood her ground; was gracious and funny in the midst of a house full of Obama/Biden supporters. I love and respect her for that.

The "One Other Brother" that showed up is a good friend and we have known him for years. However, I could not for the life of me understand why he was voting for McCain. When we questioned him about it, he said that he was not really a supporter of McCain, that his vote for McCain was a vote against Obama. WTF! WHY against Obama we asked? Not real particular reason that I heard, no serious policy reason, nothing that I could grasp like I could with my mother. It was just insane. I am wondering what it is like to be on the wrong side of history? What do you tell your children when you couldn't even give adults a reasonable explanation. Sad for you, friend, sad for you.

I met another one of my "axe murderer friends" last night - Profunksticated - who was just as real, candid and just plain good people as he is on his blog. It was an absolute pleasure to make the acquaintance of another blogland friend.

Pose # 12: Padangustasana - Toe Stand Pose
It was so fun to have Erin and her posse of friends (YOUNG VOTERS) over, talking politics, having made an informed decision, and making their own choices. They were a blast. They sure can scream loud too!
Pose #13: Savasana - Dead Body Pose
So now that I have survived one of the most exciting days of my life and slept the peaceful sleep of someone in the Savasana pose above, I have to return to my challenge. I have missed 4 classes as a result of going to job interviews, 25th HS Reunion and a fierce hangover from the event the next morning. Humph! Guess what that means...I gotta do a bunch of double classes to finish up the entire series. UGGGAAAHHH!
Duty, Honor, Bikram Yoga.....those three words reverently dictate...AWWW HELL. It's just gonna suck BIG TIME.