Don't Get Played

I know everyone is excited about Inagural events and coming into DC to view the parade and swearing in...but don't get it twisted...don't get played.... THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO GET TICKETS to the good seats for these events:

This from the official inagural site: http://inaugural.senate.gov/2009/tickets.cfm

Tickets to the 56th Inaugural Ceremonies will be provided free of charge and distributed through Members of the 111th Congress. The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies does not provide tickets to the public. Members of the public interested in attending the Inaugural Ceremonies should contact their Member of Congress or U.S. Senators to request tickets.

The public should also be aware that no website or other ticket outlet actually has inaugural swearing-in tickets to sell, regardless of what they may claim. Tickets will not be distributed to Congressional offices until the week before the inauguration and will require in-person pick-up.

“Any website or ticket broker claiming that they have inaugural tickets is simply not telling the truth,” said Howard Gantman, Staff Director for the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. “Tickets for the swearing-in of President-elect are all provided through members of Congress, and the President-elect and Vice President-elect through the Presidential Inaugural Committee. We urge the public to view any offers of tickets for sale with great skepticism.”

Seriously, come if you like. If you don't have a place to stay (I gotta know you, ya know), you know how to reach me. I got plenty of space, but you might need to bring your air mattress as individual rooms are going fast. Those of you who are already aware of "The Retreat" - TAKEN. Just don't get played on ebay or any other ticket site about getting tickets. I really don't want to see you on the news as they drag you away under the guise of home.lan.d se.cur.ity cause you insist that your tickets are valid. I'm not bailing you out...if we can even find you.