Day 29: I Had A Bad Day - Breath & Let it Go

Pose # 20: Supta - Vajrasana - Fixed Firm Pose
picture from worldyogafoundation.com

Yesterday started out great. Sun was shining, the weather was nice and I was all set for doing a double session (I have two classes to make up). I went to the 9:30 am class and felt good; felt like I was getting my groove back. I had to race back home to meet the plumber Ron had called because he thought the sump pump was acting funny. The cloud started forming, moving in from the east and hovering over my head. Bummer.

Turns out it wasn't the sump pump at all, but actually the sewage injector pump. Okay. Now for the bad news. Amer.ic.an Ho.me Shi.eld covers almost every damn appliance, filter, pump, heater in the house, but it doesn't cover the sewage injector pump. Covers almost everything except shyat. Okay...sooooooo, ummmm, what does that mean to me, I ask? Well, it means that the repairs are gonna go from the standard $60 under A.H.S warrenty fee to $1500 not covered under plan fee. That'll drop you to your knees pretty fast. Hmmm, that's gonna make a small dent in the severage package.

Breath & Let it Go!

Pose #21: Ardha - Kurmasana - Half Tortise Pose

I start helping the guy clear away some of the carpet in the storage room were the pump is housed, got him the shop vac (he did the vac'ing), and opened up every window I could in the basement. Turns out that my shyat mixed with the rest of the occupants here at True Blessings is not as rosey and I like to think - NOT SO MUCH AT ALL. Shayt stinks. PERIOD.

Breath & Let it Go!

Pose # 22: Ustrasana - Camel

**As a side note...Camel is one of my favorite poses. I haven't mastered it like the picture above, but I can get all the way over backwards with my hands on my heels. It is an unbelievable sensation when you come out of it. I can't describe it, so you'll have to either take my word for it or come on over for a try.***

Anyway, Jason the Plumber (with a license) had to come back because he didn't have a pump on his truck. He'd be back in the morning to install....(he came 30 min after he said he would, I was impressed). I went on with the rest of the afternoon, waiting for a call with a job offer I was expecting. I nailed the interview (I've been at this game, both sides of the table, long enough to know when buying signals are given), cleared the background check and was just waiting for the offer. I got dressed for the 4:30pm Yoga class.

Class was great! I was feeling good. Walked out to my car, checked my phone - AHA! A call from California...this is it. I checked the message. I wish I had a picture of the look on my face as I listened to the message. It was if someone had just punched me in the stomach and knocked all the wind outta my sails. "Lisa, I just want to let you know that the hiring manager decided at the last minute to go in a totally different direction." WTF. What the hell does that mean? I called back to HR asking for more feedback that that simple azz ish and he said he couldn't give me anything more since that was all he was given and he was no longer the HR person on this position. Okay. I guess it wasn't meant to be after all.

I have to tell you...I was soooooooo effing disappointed. I am so tired of this whole effing process. I was so sure, so confident and now I have to start the hunt again at the beginning. I came home, ran to the safe arms of my personal Fire Marshall and had a short pity party.

Breath & Let it Go!

I've got great friends (Lots of Hugs) and an awesome Mom (who sat and watched a TV show with me that I know that she didn't want to watch - no platitudes, no words of wisdom from a woman who teaches bible study - just a "Get it out, it's okay and then we move on & by the way, it's happy hour somewhere." Just the plain comfort of your mommie - you're never too old.)

Breath & Let it Go!

God's Delays are NOT His Denials. The best is yet to come.