The Black Sheep At It Again

There seems to be so many black sheep in our family, that, to them, us little white sheep look like lambs to the slaughter. They just seem to forget that a couple of us lambs done got some cosmetic surgery and now have fangs and razor sharp claws. We fight back with a vengence.

So I'm minding my own business, doing some work in my office and I get a frantic call from my neice saying that her dad (turns out it was her dad's live in girlfriend) has taken her checkbook and wrote a $400 check out to Com.ca.st. What was she to do? The Lambs rallied the flock and immediately clamped down on the situation. My eldest and my neice ran over to the bank and NIPPED THAT MESS IN THE BUD. Checking account blocked, closed, new one opened, money given back...and...wait for it...the bank will be prosecuting for the money back. Seems that in this economy, the bank ain't gonna lose even $400 without a fight. Gma Sandy came up with the idea of calling Com.ca.st and informing them of the situation as well since they are about to be out of thier money PDQ (pretty damn quick).

The kicker...the girlfriend/thief left a message on my neices phone telling her not to say anything to her dad and that she would pay her back over the next 4 weeks. ARE YOU SERIOUS? What is wrong with these people that think it is okay to just steal a 16 year olds hard earned money without so much as a how do you do and then beg you not to say anything. What da hell!!!!

Sometimes I wish you could just get new family. SIGH.