Pre-Prom Ponderings

Wedding Centerpiece, originally uploaded by TheTravelDiva.

- As I sit here in the sunroom putting together a Pre-Lit Celebration Arch for our Parent Picture Party, I'm glad I put bird seed in the feeders...what a wonderful parade of happy, singing birds to assemble to.

- Finally, I got RSVP's from all the parents...and OF COURSE, they are all coming.

- This whole college thing is really starting to hit me.

- Why are some people so surprised that Jordan, of all people, was recruited and so many of the other kids were not. Adults HATING on teens - WOW!

- Why did my son's date wait till the LAST DAG ON MINUTE to get her dressed altered. Would that be because she waited till the week before to even order it. SMH

- I better get all that Limo money tomorrow. Parents gonna walk in and I'm just gonna have my hand out at the door. Pay before you play.

- If GMa Willie calls me one more time...I love the woman, but jeeze - for the love of all that is Holy, give me a minute. You'll see you Great-Grandson tomorrow. Yes, we are picking you up. Yes, we will give you pictures. Yes, I will put pictures on your electronic picture frame. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

- How many bottles of wine should I get? Snacks? I'm exhausted already.

- Better charge every camera battery in the house. Remember, we only have an hour for pictures before the limo is here.

- Kinda late to be asking me at 7:45pm the night before if I got your date a corsage and if I ordered something for you (or if your date should get it). Good thing I took the initiative, huh?

- Am I the only parent who give a damn or am I over the top?

- I think Imma pick up something special for me to drink all by myself. Something stronger than wine. Imma need it.

- We are planning on going over to The Mall to snap pictures at the restaurant...the boys wanted to have their own personal paparazzi. FUNNY!

- I'm going to be rolling from the time I get up till Prom is over. Maybe I should go to be early.

- Well, I've done as much as I can do in preparation for tomorrow.

For those of you with teenage sons/daughters...How is the Prom Season working out for you?