Dandy Daffodil Thoughts

daffodil, originally uploaded by TheTravelDiva.

* Today was my last day at a job I absolutely hated & had no respect for for too many reasons to list. Thank you Jesus. And trust, we gonna be okay - at least that's what my man told me - and I believe IN him and in what he says.

* Everytime I begin to doubt that my dreams can come true after all these years of work and struggle, Imma channel me some Susan Boyle. If that woman can make her dreams come true at age 47 despite the doubt and ridicule of so many, then, without a doubt, so can I.

* Anybody who is that casual about their parties/events that they could care less if someone shows up on time or at all; doesn't give a damn whether the invites RSVP or not...well, not my kinda party people. Furthermore, I don't care if it is a printed invitation or an Evite...rudeness is rudness via paper or online. PERIOD.

* I keep the forest manicured at all times. And that's all Imma say about that.

* The Prince is going to college as a recruited athlete. We are so proud. Our bank account thanks him.

* Sometimes I wish I could just trade up and get new family, but where would the fun be in that. Perhaps the Black Sheep will finally realize that the Lambs got teeth. I doubt it though.

* Queeny has blessed me with a surprise! I SOOOO can't wait for it to arrive. It moves me to tears sometimes how complete strangers, except for our internet/blogging relationship, are more thoughtful, kind & sincere than people that know you on a regular. Why is that so?

* I'm running a 10k on Sunday with BK. Pray for us.

* I'm trying to come up with a luncheon favor for the April/May Birthday Luncheon. I'm at a loss right now. I'm sure I'll figure out something.

* My mother cracks me da hell up...she is an Angry White Woman...but she is funny as hell with it. How am I supposed to take the woman seriously - her and that damn dog.

* We went to Lowes today...gives me chexy chills just walkin in there. Me and my tool belt just shudder. AHHHH, I just love the smell of cut wood, lumber, sod & mulch in the afternoon. Yes, Lawd.

* I got 15 Lacrosse Players coming over to do my yard work tomorrow. This ought to be interesting.

* Next Friday is the Prom. Jesus be a Corsage.

So, what been shakin with you this week.