Clydes 31st Annual American 10K

Well, we did it. BK and the TravelDiva managed to run and finish the Clydes 10k. BK finished in 60min and I finished in 69min. Not anything to be excited about but for my first road race in a couple of years, I'm happy with it. I averaged an 11/11.5 min mile. I can only get better and get faster from there.

It was a lot of fun having someone to run with...even though I let BK have her legs and go ahead. It gave me something to run after - a bit of motivation to keep me moving. There was also a lot on the road that can keep you entertained as well...we call them SPECSHUL:
  • White tube socks that go all the way up to the tops of your knees.

  • Run skirts that are 2 sizes too small. Kept you wondering when that skirt was just gonna give up the ghost and rise up to your waist. What was the point again?

  • The man with the friar hair (bald on top with a ring of hair round the center)...he grew what hair he had long and then brushed it up and round to cover the bald spot. I couldn't help but be fascinated.

  • The running booty shorts. No matter how skinny I ever get, you will NOT catch me running anywhere 'cept round the house (on second thought -not even there) in those things. One word - CHAFING.

  • No sports bra OR not athletic supporter. That has GOT to hurt - your gonna give someone a black eye with those girls bouncing around like that and I really don't want to know that your manhood is not a direct correlation to your shoe size (at all). Keep the dream alive for someone PLEASE.

  • And here is a Tip...you are supposed to stink AFTER the race. Not before. I'm just sayin.

Well, I'm going to Bikram Yoga tomorrow to get my stretch & sauna all in one and then back training. Gotta work on my stride and speed. One thing I do know...I feel good.