River Hill High School Senior Prom

So, we survived the prom. A great time was had by all, the kids look fabulous & the parents had a great time too!

- The Prom Parent Picture Party was a HUGE hit. The parents staggered in at various times after 5pm and we had a slow start with the pictures cause two ladies were VERY late, but it went off without a hitch. Once we got the kids off, the parents hung around till about 9pm drinking wine, eating snacks and telling war stories. It was a blast! If you would like to see the invite I created for the parent party, drop me an email and I'll shoot it to you.

- Why did my son's date make a hair appointment at 3pm the night of the prom. ARE YOU SERIOUS. Limo arrived at 6pm, dinner reservations at 6:30pm. What time did she arrive to put on her dress? 6:15pm. I almost had a nervous breakdown.

- Why did my son's date wait till two weeks before the prom to order her dress and when it arrived the Saturday before the prom, it didn't fit (too big). She managed to get her mom's friend (whoever) to alter it a bit...but if that was the case, why did it take me about 10 safety pins to get that girl in her dress and to keep it on. I literally "sewed" that chile in her dress.

- Other than the "Date Drama" it all went off without a hitch. The kids arrived back at the house around 12am, changed, hung out, ATE AGAIN, and then went to the P3 (Post Prom Party) at the AMC Movie Theater. I don't know how long they stayed at P3, but I know around 3am I smelled wood burning...so they were all out back on the outdoor patio and were having a post prom bonfire in the fire pit. The FireMarshall and I got up around 5am and the house was silent with young men layed out in the basement "teen den" knocked out cold. I don't think they will get up until sometime close to game time tonight...perhaps Gma Sandy will fix em pannycakes.

Congratulations River Hill Seniors!