Diverse Thoughts from the Diversity Conference

* It is a typical West Point Star Day - grey, cool, rainy...I can almost smell that wet wool Dress Grey now.

* There are some MALO (Admissions Liason Officers) who need to sit the eff down & retire. If you don't believe there are qualified diverse candidate anywhere to be found, then you are not looking and you are a detriment to the entire admissions process

* Imma start a fight w/someone before this conference is over.

* If your ignant azz thinks that a Full Dress Grey Tar Bucket reminds you of N#&$$€%'s then I need you to GTFOOH. Why are you even at a Diveristy Conference. Was this a punishment or training exercise for you?

* Seeing the book bags lined up in Thayer Hall still trips me out. The Corp HAS!

* SIGH...it has taken 50+ years to think it is necessary to make a "Business Case for Diversity". I'm just tired.

* Thank you. Yes there is a Business. Economic & Human Imperative to Diversity & Inclusion.

* Ummm I'm going to gnaw my arm off having to wait for everyone to speak before we can eat at the luncheon. TALK FAST

* Lawd Hab Murcey - that African American 4 Star General is mighty fine up there. Lookin real purty in dat der uniform wit all dem awards & stars. *swoons*

* Jefferson Hall - the new cadet library is a work of beauty.

* Lots of very interesting questions to the panel.

* I am put out..FRIGGIN HOT....by the sad friggin state of affairs within the Cadet Gospel Choir. WTF you mean your keyboard is missing keys, your drum set is an antique, and you have no music. Shyat...Ila is right down the friggin hill; Walter is now Director of the Datmouth Gospel Choir. WHY THE FUGG ARE YOU NOT ACCESSING THE LONG GREY LINE TO GET ISH DONE & GET SOME HELP. JEEEZE. I'm tellin.

* I hope to God there is some wine @ this reception tonight or somebody is gonna get an earful. What de gonna do...bend my dogtags, stamp my I.D card no dessert? Humph.
Lisa Steptoe